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07-Mar-2020 10:13

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In those two cases, there is a big chance that he is into you.

9) If talking about future plans he mentions you – it’s one of signs that a guy likes you.

Even if he talks about something simple, like an event in one month and he asks you if you will also attend, then it’s also a hint!

10) If he starts to care about his appearance in your presence, touches his hair, buttons of his shirt, turns his watch, corrects his tie, etc., all these are signs that a guy likes you, subconsciously he wants you to like him back.

So how do you sort the potential boyfriends from those who just want to be friends? Helping you out with something allows him to impress you as well as spend extra time with you, making it a win for him on two counts.

reasons that seem to hold little or no reward for them. When a guy likes you, there’s no on/off communication, let alone ghosting.

For example, he repeats your hand position, while in the restaurant or he bows his head into the same direction as you do, while the two of you talk.It’s the little things – if you need a pen, he’ll give you his and tell you to keep it. When a man ignores an opportunity to give you something, be wary.This isn’t the be-all and end-all but it should give you a good indication of how he feels about you. His brain is flooding with dopamine, which makes him slightly hyper. Don’t write him off as a clutz – realise he’s got a crush.4) If a guy invites you to watch a movie and it happens to be the romantic one, it can be one of signs that he likes you and wants to get closer…

Moreover, if watching a movie was your initiative and you can make him sit through ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Titanic’, then, be sure, he is into you!5) He shows you a big sign of ‘liking’ you if he touches you.

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