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For instance, laundry soap can be packaged only in multiples of 25g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 125g, 150g and, thereafter, in multiples of 50g.Thus, for consumers, this ensures comparability of prices of similar products.An error in the net quantity mentioned will also attract similar fines and imprisonment.Apart from offences related to packaging, the Act also provides for fine/imprisonment or both for use of non-standard weights/measures as well as for altering any weight or measure to deceive a buyer.“There is huge pressure on the social care system, with less money going in and more demand for services, with limited ability to supply.There has to be other ways of looking at this issue – and by using technology where appropriate, we can try to lift the burden on the system.” Rees added: “We are completely appreciative of the fact that technology can’t do everything – it can’t put you to bed, wash you clean or give you a hug, but it can do other things, which then allows the most valuable resource – social workers, occupational therapists, carers – to do other things for you that are also hugely important.” PA Consulting-led Argenti Care Technology Partnership has been working with UK local authorities to use new tools to tackle issues in social care provision.Although the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) has pushed an agenda of using innovative approaches to increase independence and self-care for people living with complex conditions, while improving the circumstances of carers, an overarching strategy for care in the UK is yet to be created.

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From November 1, 2012, standard sizes for several products, such as biscuits, baby food, bread, butter, coffee, tea, water, soft drink, salt, edible oils, cereals, rice, flour, soaps, cement and paints have been enforced.

The Act also regulates advertisements related to packaged commodities, mandating mentioning of the net quantity along with the price.