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12-Mar-2020 23:50

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All you have to do is download the app for Android or i OS or log onto your account online to get started. what makes this site unique is the fact that it will open a synchronized browser that anyone connected can view.

is completely safe to use, this app doesn’t violate any legal issues.

Once you’re all in the room, add the music or video files you want to stream together.

If you don’t have anyone that wants to join you at the moment, choose an existing room with a specific theme like trance, punk, horror, or action.

On Wavelength, you can listen to music, watch videos, chat, share files, and socialize with others online, for free.

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This site lets you share an experience and build a playlist in a live chat.Together Tube lets you chat with all the standard features including emojis and gifts, you can synchronize videos to watch with others at the same time, and you can vote on the videos you’d like to see next.Every room in Together Tube can be customized with a name, number of viewers, chat restrictions, and more.Official Site Another one of the top websites like to watch movies together remotely is Togethr TV.

Togethr TV lets you watch anything together, chat with your friends, and comment on what you’re watching, all in real time.

Togethr Tv is compatible with a ton of websites including You Tube and the Togethr TV app can be installed on your Windows computer for quicker access.

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